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Konna Kikuakari no Yoruni

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Screening Info

Date & Time Sat. 17 April, 10:10〜
Venue Sakurazaka Theater Hall A
Guest Sho Matsuda (Hatsukoi Cro-Magnon)


This is a human-interest comedy centered on the story of Teppei, a young man working in farming, and his childhood friend Satsuki, who has returned to her hometown, set in fields of lit-up chrysanthemums in Yomitan Village. With the beautiful nature of Yomitan Village as a backdrop, the film aims to express rich emotions. The film is directed by Sho Matsuda, a native of the village and leader of the group Hatsukoi Cro-Magnon, who are active in the Okinawan comedy scene.

Director・Work Data

Director Sho Matsuda (Hatsukoi Cro-Magnon)
Country Japan
Year 2021
Copyright ©Okinawa Prefectural Government. All Rights Reserved.
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