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Enjiru OnnaOgimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture

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Screening Info

Date & Time Sat. 17 April, 16:00〜
Venue Sakurazaka Theater Hall A
Guest Toshiyuki Teruya , Masae Nakata , Toru Yohana , Tamako Miyagawa


The movie takes place in Ogimi, Okinawa.
Akira Kamiya, the owner of a local construction company, was an ideal boss who was well-liked by his employees. However, he is old, suffering from dementia, and is confined to a wheelchair.
He also has a young wife named Yoshiko. Since she is young enough to be his daughter, there are rumors in the village that she is just in it for the money.
Yoshiko pays a visit to Akira every day, sometimes in a wedding dress, sometimes in a red dress.
When Akira's life is almost over, Yoshiko decides to take action. There is a hidden story between the two of them.


Hikari Mitsushima
Toru Shinagawa
Akira Fukuhara
Mayumi Ueda

Director・Work Data

Director Toshiyuki Teruya
Script Toshiyuki Teruya
Production Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture
Country Japan
Year 2021
Copyright ©Okinawa Prefectural Government. All Rights Reserved.
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