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So? Tsurumi

Ⓒ2020 Local Movie Promoting “So? Tsurumi” Production Committee


At Nakadori Shopping Street in Tsurumi, posters about the Okinawa Sumo Competition, which will be held soon, are put up all over the place. Ryuji, working at a shop selling Okinawa goods centrally located on the street, is about to go for a delivery as usual, when a woman enters the shop. Ryuji looks at her. With products in her hand, she notices the poster and mutters “…register for Okinawa Sumo Competition.” Ryuji responds spontaneously, “Why don’t you join?” She turned around with a smile. This is a story of Okinawa Sumo, love and companionship in a town in Tsurumi, where the cultures of Okinawa and South America meet.


Hiroki Kawata(Garage Sale)
AIberto Shiroma
Misaki Chika

Director・Work Data

Director Atsushi Watanabe
Country Japan
Year 2020
Copyright Ⓒ2020 Local Movie Promoting “So? Tsurumi” Production Committee
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