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Bullfight Girl

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Located in the central part of the main island of Okinawa, Uruma City has been garnering attention as an area popular for bullfighting. The main character, Tomomi, who has been living with bulls since she was a child working as a cowherd, is fascinated by them and is struggling to promote the city as a bullfighting town. Yoshiki, a live-in hoof trimmer, begins to have doubts about his relationship with the bulls. Based on the true story of Yukie Kudaka, a photographer who published a photo book called Togyu Joshi (Bullfighting Girls), this story depicts the emotional growth of the main character, who struggles to promote bullfighting, and a young man who aspires to become a hoof trimmer.


Azusa Hiki
Takara Sakumoto
Shinya Arakaki
Kanae Akamine
Tsuyoshi Kichise
Yuko Nakama
Mari Kudaka
Nozomi Yonamine

Director・Work Data

Director Hitoshi Maehira
Country Japan
Year 2021
Copyright ©Okinawa Prefectural Government. All Right Reserved.
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