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Moon Child


Keisuke Yasuda is a filmmaker from Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, who has been barely getting by making promotional videos for companies in Tokyo. Yamamoto, who has written an autobiographical novel about Tsuyama High School, asks him if he would like to make a promotional film about Tsuyama based on the novel. The original story of the novel is about a woman named Tsukiko who was Yamamoto's first love, set in Tsuyama High School. Keisuke, who has always dreamed of making a film, returns to his hometown to write a scenario, but he suffers from the overlap between the woman named Tsukiko in the original story and "that girl" who he knew in his own high school days. That girl was Keisuke's first love when he was in high school. He never told her how he felt about her, and somehow they lost touch, and when he was in his 3rd year in high school, he found out about her accidental death.


Mizuki Maehara
Kiyoshiro Ishida
Mizuki Wataya
Megumi Sakurai
All Hanshin

Director・Work Data

Director Yusuke Koroyasu
Script Yusuke Koroyasu, Ayaka Kato
Country Japan
Year 2021
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