Movie Categorys

Movie Categorys

Under the concept of “Laugh&Peace”, a number of different films will be screened in various Categories at the 10th Okinawa International Movie Festival.
We are also planning to see many guests in Okinawa as we celebrate our 10th year.

Special Invitation

We will screen new Japanese films that are scheduled to premiere after the festival, such as “Senkotsu”, the new film directed by Toshiyuki Teruya (Gori of Garage Sale), as well as films from Asia and around the world that have not yet been introduced to Japan.

Special Screening

In the Special Screenings Category, we have prepared a variety of films that are sure to help you to enjoy this year’s OIMF.


This Category began from the 2nd OIMF, as television stations team up with Yoshimoto Kogyo on productions.
This year, Yoshimoto entertainers and film creators have teamed up with 8 stations; NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Yomiuri Television, Mainichi Broadcasting and Asahi Broadcasting to produce 8 films for screening.
The many guests that visit Okinawa as part of this Category is always a topic of conversation.

Local Origination Project Films

This project uses film to express the passion of locals under the theme of "Revitalizing our region by telling the whole country about the various attractions of where we live".
Locals participate in the production of the film, including writing the screenplay and performing etc., and with the support of Yoshimoto Kogyo participants share the fun and joy of making films, while also sharing their love for their local area.

10th Okinawa International Movie festival- Cooperating Municipalities

  • Aomori
    Cooperating MunicipalityAomori Prefecture
    Movie Detail
  • Fukushima Yanaizu-cho
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesYanaizu-cho/TV-U FUKUSHIMA
    Movie Detail
  • Chiba Chiba City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesChiba City/Chiba City Tourist Association
    Movie Detail
  • Saitama Saitama City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesSaitama City/Saitama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Movie Detail
  • Ishikawa Komatsu City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesKomatsu City/Komatsu City Tourism Association
    Movie Detail
  • Kyoto Kyoto City
    Cooperating MunicipalityKyoto University of Art and Design
    Movie Detail
  • Hiroshima Hiroshima City
    Cooperating MunicipalityHiroshima Home Television
    Movie Detail
  • Okayama Okayama City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesOkayama City Tourism Association/Okayama Broadcasting
    Movie Detail
  • Yamaguchi Kudamatsu City
    Cooperating MunicipalityKudamatsu City
    Movie Detail
  • Tottori Yurihama-cho
    Cooperating MunicipalityYurihama-cho
    Movie Detail
  • Ehime Imabari City
    Cooperating MunicipalitiesImabari City Tourism Association/eat
    Movie Detail
  • Kumamoto Yatsushiro City
    Cooperating MunicipalityYatsushiro City
    Movie Detail
  • Okinawa Yomitan-mura
    Cooperating MunicipalityYomitan-mura
    Movie Detail
  • Okinawa Ishigaki Island
    Cooperating MunicipalityIshigaki Island
    Movie Detail
Local Origination Project Films have been part of the main program since the 3rd Okinawa International Movie Festival in 2011.
Produced in collaborations between local governments, companies, schools and Chambers of Commerce etc. throughout the country. 70 films produced up to April 2017. *20 of which are from Okinawa

Japanese Comedy, World Comedy

Continuing since the 1st Festival, the “Japanese Comedy, World Comedy” Category focuses on “Laughs”.
Works will be screened from Tetsuo Takahira, with his original perspectives that have seen him active as a director, editor and writer.
To mark this year’s 10th anniversary, silent movie masterpieces from the Taisho to Showa eras will be shown at Okinawa’s oldest theater, the “Shuri Theater”, with live narration and music.
Enjoy this “old but new” movie experience.

Sakurazaka Film College

“Sakurazaka Film College” invites special guests to propose new movie ideas.
A number of events are planned this year at the Sakurazaka Theater.

Okinawa Historical Movies

The nostalgic landscapes, culture and customs of Okinawa, captured on film.
This program introduces the history of Okinawa, as seen through movies and images.
This year’s films will feature the Okinawa works of Japan’s own international action star pioneer, Shinichi Chiba.

Creator’s Factory

Starting with the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival, the “Creator’s Factory U-25 Video Competition” aims to discover and support the development of the next generation of under 25 year old film makers.
Pieces that pass through the examination stage from amongst the entrants will be screened, and the audience will participate in a public jury, selecting the Grand Prix winner and special Jury Awards (multiple).
Also, the three creators that received scholarships in last year’s 2017 “Creator’s Factory U-25 Video Competition” will have the films that they have produced screened.
The Jury includes well known experts involved in media in Japan and overseas, such as producers, writers and critics. What new talent will be unearthed this year? We hope you will look forward to it.