Naha Kokusai Dori Red Carpet

A “Red Carpet” event will be held on Sunday, April 22 at Noon – 2:30, as the crowning event of the festival.
The event will be on a grand scale, with invitations to many performers and others associated with participating films, event stars, and film festival officials.

Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony

This year’s opening ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 19 at 5:00 – 7:30 PM.Feature screenings and program highlights will be introduced.
A Closing Ceremony will be held on the final day of the festival.This will draw the festival to a close, with the presentation of various awards.

People Starting to Consider SDGs

So that the OIMF can help many more people become aware of SDGs initiatives, screens at every venue will broadcast a number of pieces from the “People Starting to Consider SDGs” series.

So da! Dondon Ganbaro! Stamp Rally

A personality stamp rally will again be held at this year’s 10th Okinawa International Movie Festival, to help people to learn about “SDGs” as part of a game.
The 17 goals of the “SDGs” are replaced with “familiar things” to help children learn more about them, enjoying the fun of collecting all of the personality’s stamps as part of an “SDGs” game.
Small prizes are also provided for those that collect all of the stamps.

Stage Performances

The Okinawa International Movie Festival is an event to enjoy various forms of entertainment along with movies. This year we have lined up various programs, such as comedy, music and dance, to entertain people of all ages. As a countdown to the main festival, we plan to hold events at all the venues in the 41 cities, towns and villages in the Prefecture leveraging the specialties of each place.


Changes from this year, under the title “JIMOT CM REPUBLIC”, this program will be held with the two changes of "1.Setting the theme of SDGs","2.The use of social media for collecting entries". The purpose of exciting local regions hasn’t changed, and the Categories of (1) 46 Prefectures, (2) 41 Okinawa Municipalities and (3) Overseas remain unchanged.

Laugh&Peace Town

All the Islands “Laugh & Peace Town,” we will strive to raise the satisfaction level of visitors as well as exhibiting companies by holding many new participatory programs such as shows by artists or in-venue excursions in collaboration with companies and associations.
This time, we will shift our venue from the Naminoue Umisora Park to the Shintoshin Park “Oharappa” for a grander event.

Enjoy sports with athletes and artists! Sports Land in Shintoshin Park

Okinawa Prefecture aims to be a sports island will diverse opportunities for sports.
We will provide a platform to men and women of all ages to know the enjoyment of being active and increase health awareness.

A school to have fun opens!!

Yoshimoto Kogyo is set to establish Laugh & Peace Entertainment School in April 2018 and open its first accredited school Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa.
The company plans to make All the Islands a base for innovation in entertainment by giving children a chance to dream and know the joys of working in the field of entertainment.

Art Event [Kyoto International Movie Festival Collaboration Plan]

In all past “All Things Great in All the Islands Festival” events, exhibits by students attending Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts and Kyoto Saga Prefectural University of Art have been organized as art events in close collaboration with the Kyoto International Movie Festival. This initiative, originally conceived to showcase student creations, evolved into a talk program event by professors from both universities at last year’s All Things Great in All the Islands Festival, as well as a product endeavor focused on artist Michail Gkinis at the autumn Kyoto International Movie Festival event. In this way, keen efforts have been channeled into furnishing students with experiences unavailable in their normal campus lifestyles.

Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

“Yoshimoto 47 Shufuran” is a regional revitalization project envisioned to select delicacies from regions around Japan to be issued “Gold Ribbon” certification. The scheme is for housewives from one of Japan’s 47 prefectures to choose local treats they recommend for eating themselves or as souvenirs. The selections are then narrowed down to those considered to be the best, with the final winners determined by general ballot and screening by Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainers, famous buyers and other judges.