Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions

As an initiative to get performers to interact with customers to further boost the Okinawa International Movie Festival, the “Shima Zenbu de Ooki-Now” site has been developed, where people can get a feel for the excitement at venues by seeing posts on social media from visitors and performers.
Simply by posting to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags “#島ぜんぶでおーきな祭” and “#沖縄国際映画祭”, all posts will be able to be viewed on the “Shima Zenbu de Ooki-Now” site.
Last year we had 30,000 page views on the site, and some 30,000 tweets. In addition, “Ooki-Now Entertainers” have also planned Twitter and Instagram programs.
This year programs are planned by popular entertainers such as Garittochu Kukushima and Hyokkorihan.
A new entertainer program aimed at further boosting the OIMF! Appearances will be made at each of the venues during the festival, interacting with customers and sharing interesting movies, photos and interviews.

Garittochu Fukushima “7-Change Impersonations”

Take photos of Garittochu Fukushima dressing up as famous people such as Eiichiro Funakoshi and Takanohana etc., showing up at venues, Instagram shooting spots and food spots!
He will also slowly walk the red carpet!

Chocopla Matsuo “IKKO de Ai no Sashiire”

Chocopla Matsuo will dress up as IKKO and visit the various venues during the film festival, inserting himself into performances and delivering plenty of laughs!

Hyokkorihan “Okinawa de Hyokkori Project”

Hyokkorihan will make special appearances at festival venues, backstage, and sometimes at scenic spots and food spots etc. around Okinawa, to be photographed in a “Hyokkorihan Pose” with whoever is there!

Uma to Sakana “Shima Zenbu de Ooki na Yume Angya”

Travelling around the venues of the OIMF, performers and customers will be asked on the spot about their dreams, which will then be spun on the spot into a one-off pop song!