People Starting to Consider SDGs

People Starting to Consider SDGs

Kukki of Yasei Bakudan and Nobu of Chidori – “What are you riding?”

The pair discuss the topic of “global warming”. Kukki claims to have started riding ponies, which don’t pollute the air with exhaust gases like open cars.

So that the OIMF can help many more people become aware of SDGs initiatives, screens at every venue will broadcast a number of pieces from the “People Starting to Consider SDGs” series.

Who is starting to consider SDGs

Online PR movies featuring Yoshimoto entertainers were released to our YouTube channel from October 21. These videos were developed in cooperation with the United Nations Information Centre to help more people to understand the content of the SDGs.
A total of 30 pieces were made of popular comedians talking in a retro café with others from different groups and duos, including Shingo Fujimori of Oriental Radio, Toshifumi Fujimoto of FUJIWARA, Tsukasa Saito of Trendy Angel’s, Jimmy Onishi, Kendo Kobayashi, Okazu Club and Chidori.