Sakurazaka Gekijo Hall A

Sakurazaka Gekijo Hall B

  • 18:50~
    Special Screening

    Riding Uphill

    Sakurazaka Gekijo Hall B


Sakurazaka Gekijo Hall C

Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu

  • Pay


  • R18+

    Children under 18 will not be admitted.

  • R15+

    Children under 15 will not be admitted.

  • PG12

    Children under 12 will not admitted without an accompanying parent or adult guardian.

※Festival schedule & Guest is subject to change.
※The greetings, the talk show, the screening, Stage event start will be subject to change.
※By Okinawa Regulation for Protection and Upbringing of Youth, anyone under 18 years old cannot enter any screening which the end is over 22:00 even with the company of their parents. We appreciated your understanding.