Main Poster Image

Main Poster Image

Let’s Start Something New
The slogan was designed by an up-and-coming copy writer, Junpei Watanabe, and the illustration is by two art directors; Hideaki Takahashi and Yu Orai.
The theme color is vivid “yellow”. The new character “New O! Chan” — a “black object” with two big white eyes — powerfully conveys the image of All Things Great in All the Islands! as it freely transforms from human-like shape to letter form.
All Things Great in All the Islands! can be a trigger for the islanders — this is something that we have been convinced of throughout our past 9 festivals.
“Triggers” are hidden in various scenes. A trigger to express something, a trigger to get into something, a trigger to make friends, a trigger to change yourself, a trigger to take one step forward, a trigger to learn or try something new, a trigger to smile, a trigger to cry... All Things Great! is a trigger for everyone to take a step forward. That is why we decided to use the message of “Let’s Start Something New” for our milestone slogan of the 10th festival.
In the poster, the new character “New O! Chan” appears here and there, changing its shape to anything at will. One moment it is many characters squirming and merging together to make letters, the next thing you know it’s playing sports, guitar, dancing, or even doing a double-act comedy. That’s where all sorts of “triggers” are born — from unfettered ideas outside the box.
Creative Director & Copy Writer

Junpei Watanabe

Born in 1977 in Chiba prefecture, Watanabe entered Hakuhodo after graduating from Waseda University. He founded Watanabejunpeisha Inc. in 2006.
Illustration Design & Art Director

Hideaki Takahashi

Born in 1964 in Ishikawa prefecture, Takahashi entered Dentsu after graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Commercial Design. He managed various advertising campaigns, and was awarded the ACC Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertisement Design Award, Nikkei Advertising Award, NYADC Award, Spikes Asia, etc.
Art Director

Yu Orai

Born in 1983, Orai entered Denstu Inc. in 2008 after graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts the same year. He belongs to Dentsu Lab Tokyo.