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#Houjyoudu Cantata

Ⓒ2020 Local Movie Promoting “Houjyoudu Cantata” Production Committee


Nago Furuta (Hino Mimura), who lives in a tranquil fishing town in Imizu City in Toyama Prefecture, hopes to move to Tokyo after graduating from high school and have a job in the music industry she has dreamed about. Her desire to move to Tokyo is getting stronger and stronger day by day. The chorus club Nago belongs to is facing the possibility of club disbandment because of the decreasing numbers of club members. Akari Ota (Rika Nakai), the club advisor, as an alumna, wanted to keep the club going, but there is nothing she can do to stop the inevitable, because a chorus club doesn’t fit into the present age. At her third semester of high school year 3, Nago meets Sora Otomo (Aoi Furutate), a transfer student from Tokyo. The cantata sung by the two, Nago and Sora, echoes.
At the sight of Uchikawa Houjyoudu, known as Japanese Venice, Nago, a high school girl who dreams to be a singer meets Sora, a transfer student, who feels uncertain in continuing to play the piano. What will they face and what kind of life will they lead?


Hino Mimura(NGT48)
Aoi Furutate(NGT48)
Chikana Ando(NGT48)
Aya Kondo
Rika Nakai(NGT48)

Director・Work Data

Director Masaaki Kanamori
Script Masaaki Kanamori
Country Japan
Year 2020
Copyright Ⓒ2020 Local Movie Promoting “Houjyoudu Cantata” Production Committee
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