Changes from this year, under the title “JIMOT CM REPUBLIC”, this program will be held with the two changes of
1.Setting the theme of SDGs
2.The use of social media for collecting entries
The purpose of exciting local regions hasn’t changed, and the Categories of (1) 46 Prefectures, (2) 41 Okinawa Municipalities and (3) Overseas remain unchanged.


Local Strengths Leading to a Better Future
“Local Strengths” include the important things and feelings that we want the children of the future to inherit. We believe that “Local Strengths Leading to a Better Future” has the same aim as the “SDGs”.
Take videos of those things around you that you would like to leave for the future.
SDGs is an abbreviation for “Sustainable Development Goals”.

These are the 17 goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, with the aim of achieving a future of happier lives for the people of the world by 2030.
Entry Period: Monday, January 22, 2018 to Sunday, March 4, 2018
Review Period: Monday, March 5, 2018 to Sunday, March 11, 2018
Production Announcement: Mid March 2018 Announcement of 5 works for CM production
Screening at the OIMF: Saturday, April 21,2018

Nationwide Entries

  • Namie-cho,Fukushima

    Handing down our inheritance to the future.

    In the town of Namie, time has stopped for seven years. Finally the town sees a sunrise for the first time in so long. As time begins to move again, they look towards the future, with the towns traditions. This piece looks to the present and future of Namie.

  • Maebashi-shi,Gunma

    SDGs are aimed at helping everyone live with a smile. Sharing familiar smiles.

    Direct from “Lunar Park” in Maebashi, Gunma. See the “Mokubakan”, which is a registered tangible cultural property, and rice balls made with local ingredients. Nostalgic, and yet fresh! This piece will warm your heart.

  • Yokohama-shi,Kanagawa

    Yokohama is a town where music has really taken root. Connecting this happy world that has been a base for music for generations, cultivating so many artists, with the future.

    “Music” is a common theme throughout the world. This piece uses music to express the charms of everyday Yokohama.

  • Kuwana-shi,Mie

    Kuwana’s grilled clams! Everyone that eats them gets a smile. Protecting the authentic taste!

    Among the many sights and specialties, when we speak of Kuwana it is of course... Clams! Soon they will be in season! This piece includes a message for the future, to protect the true taste of delicious Kuwano clams, which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

  • Kyotango-shi,Kyoto

    A small department store that is protecting the local way of life.Handing down a natural way of life amidst shop closures.

    A small department store that has been around for many years (grocery store). It doesn’t have the greatest variety of products, but it is a place where locals gather to communicate with each other. Introducing a store that not only sells things, but nurtures community bonds.

  • Yamaguchi-shi,Yamaguchi

    Conveying in a simple way the realization of a society with reduced food waste where everyone has enough food.

    Introducing the activities of the Yamaguchi Food Bank, dedicated to changing waste into gratitude. It is difficult to see poverty, but it is a familiar problem. Yamaguchi’s activities can be easily understood in this piece.

  • Minami Satsuma-shi,Kagoshima

    The future of a region where young people are full of passion

    The dedication of young people engaged in agriculture. This piece also depicts how they interact with their seniors. You also mustn’t miss the beautiful scenery of Minami Satsuma, as shot from a drone.

Okinawa Entries

41 municipalities... currently under production.

Overseas Entries

Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan etc., currently under production.